The customer wanted to implement their login solution into the frontend application so the user will be taken to login process after click of the login button. After the successful login, the user will be redirected back to the FE application where will be displayed all the authentication data. This application is a simple test for login with wink, so the developers do not have to test everything on their own. Also user wanted a library with all the necessary functionality for login with wink such as Voice Recognition, (Speech to text, Text to speech) and Video recognition. With this all the functionality around will be built and the WINK app will use this library just for this purpose.


Our primary goal was to create the library for the WINK app so the developers from the Wink team will be able to continue with the integration of functionality as (speech to text, text to speech, video recording, face detection and more). With this requirements we aimed straight to the implementation phase. We have prepared one function after another until the library was completed and deployed for WINK developers to use it. After this implementation we headed into simple test application, where we created a simple application with login button and the table with all the user data which will be displayed after the user login is successful.